Thursday, October 26, 2017

Action Storybook Bible Review

Note: I received this book for free in exchange for my unbiased review of its content.

As parents who want our children to love the Lord, we are constantly looking for ways to engage them with Scripture, and I'm thrilled that this Action Storybook Bible has been added to our toolbox!

While a storybook Bible certainly can never replace Scripture, it can absolutely provide a framework for understanding the story of the Bible, and this one does that as well as engages the interest of the littlest Jesus-follower in our home.

Graphic novels are a favorite of my 8 year old son, and my 11 year old daughter enjoys them as well, so this storybook Bible captures the attention of both of them, which is a unique benefit, as their reading levels and interests are usually so varied.  This graphic novel is illustrated by Sergio Cariello, who has illustrated for Marvel and D.C. Comics, so the artwork is absolutely top-shelf.

The book is broken up in 15 "episodes," and each episode is followed by a devotional style section with thoughts for further discussion, and a prayer.

With the beautiful illustrations, and easy-to-read structure of the episodes, this is a lovely storybook Bible to add to every Bible collection, for readers young to old.

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