Sunday, August 6, 2017

ATL with Team Sanders!

We just got back home today from a whirlwind trip to Atlanta to meet my friend Liz & her kids for the weekend.  We had the best time!

Y'all, they are the BEST travel buddies!
We eat snacks and listen to podcasts and they read and watch movies and we rarely have to stop: except when the traffic comes to a standstill so much that it turns a 5 hour trip into an 8 hour one.  They were so easy and content, even still!

My introverted child did use her blanket to make herself a tent at one point.
She said she just needed to be by herself for a few minutes - ha!

 About an hour outside of Atlanta, we drove out of the rain and traffic into beautiful weather!  We loved that we were staying in the town of Tucker.  :) 

 We were SO happy to meet up with our friends (who drove in from SC) for dinner!  

Then on to Stone Mountain for the laser show.

 The kids & I took the tram up to the top of stone mountain to catch a bit of the sunset together.  It was so lovely up there, but I'm lying if I say it didn't panic me a little to have them at the top by myself.

 A storm was rolling in (it kept on rolling, thankfully), and was so lovely to look at from the top of that mountain.

the ATL

My friend is so good for my heart.  I never would have paid $12 for light up toys.  Never.  She gently reminded me that in not too many more days, they won't ask for them anymore.  So true, right?!

 Saturday morning, we all piled in their van together and headed downtown for more fun!

The Georgia Aquarium was absolutely breathtaking!

Time with this soul sister can't be described.
Our friendship came out of the clear blue sky for me,
and is truly a gift from the Lord in more ways than I can name.

She loved the beluga whales!!

 Next stop: the Sky Wheel!

And arguably the best stop of the weekend: The Varsity!
Chili dogs and french fries and frosted orange makes my world go 'round.

After such a busy, fun day, we headed to the pool so the kids could swim the evening away.  We even had dinner delivered poolside.  Liz & I got to sit in the shade and talk and laugh and be together.  Perfection.

We were all worn out Sunday morning as we prepared to head home.

I would do it all again tomorrow!!

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