Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Tucker, at 7.

This one.  He's a master of extremes, and there's very little middle ground.  Life is either joyously, outrageously wonderful; or desperately, soul-crushingly awful.  He's a feeler in every sense of the word, and not just for himself.  He sobs at the sad parts in movies and books, just buries his face in me, and cannot be consoled.  He doesn't want anyone to hurt or be sad, and that desire gives him a strong sense of justice.  He sees things in black and white, right and wrong, and acts of out those convictions.  By the grace of God, he'll grow to be a warrior for those who can't fight for themselves.

He has a sweet tooth like no other, but will eat a whole pan of roasted brussel sprouts if we let him.  Chocolate milk is his love language; maybe hot chocolate in the winter.  He loves soft blankets, but the texture is specific.  He says some blankets "give him toenails."

He's incredibly cautious, and it takes him a long time to work up to doing things that other children seem to find effortless.  He's not yet riding a bike or swimming confidently: it's not that he can't do those things, it's that he's not absolutely certain of the outcome, and there is a risk of being hurt, and he's reluctant to take that risk.  But I can tell he's growing up, because sometimes he'll do things that surprise me, like going off the slide on the pontoon boat at the beach, or deciding to jump off the pilings at the bridge.  It's got to be on his terms, though; peer pressure means nothing to him.

He's a snuggler, and insists on a daily morning snuggle with me before doing anything else.  He reassures himself often by touching us, asking for hugs and snuggles, and he loves to play with my ponytail as I tuck him in at night.  I'm not sure how long this will last, but I will snuggle this boy until I'm dead and gone if he'll let me.

He deeply desires to please.  He can't stand for anyone to yell or raise their voice in anger or frustration; it makes him very anxious.  He is a bookworm like his sister, and can often be found curled up somewhere with Pepper, rubbing her ears while he reads.  He makes potions and scrambles eggs and just learned how to play Phase 10 and doesn't much care about his handwriting and goofs off when he's supposed to be paying attention sometimes.  He loves screens of all kinds, and we have to set pretty firm limits or he would stare at an ipad or TV all day.  He has a pretty remarkable understanding of the Word, and wants to know when he can get baptized.  He still needs 11-12 hours of sleep per night, and when he's tired, he'll tell you he's going to bed himself - no bedtime battles with this one.  You'll most often find him happy wrestling with Daddy or snuggling with Mommy or begging sister to jump on the trampoline with him.

He loves to make us laugh, and has a quick wit that he didn't get from any of us!  He's a tad bit lazy, and will use his charm to get us to help him do his jobs.  He's generous to a fault, and more and more is looking for ways he can care for others.  I can see God working in him all the time, answering prayers I've prayed since he was conceived.  The light inside him draws others to him.  He loves wildly and fiercely, and being his mama is utter joy.

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