Saturday, July 15, 2017

Round here

Lana got a HUGE splinter in the top of her foot - 
I can't even figure out how that happened!
You can see how it bruised the area around where the splinter was.
Oils to the rescue!  
A little baking soda, a couple drops of purification and thieves, 
add enough hydrogen peroxide to make a thick paste.
Apply to splinter, cover with a bandaid.
Wait a couple of hours, remove bandaid.
Splinter will have come out or come to the surface.

 One of my favorite firstie journal writings before school dismissed:

At the beginning of summer, we had some cool-ish days,
and the kids made a tent with the umbrella & some towels.
I love summertime!

He would wear a tie to church every single Sunday morning if we let him!

Our friend Leslie is an amazing artist -
we love our new piece she created!

 Leslie has also been working with Dan to redo the book store at church, 
remaking it into a resource center.  She and Dan and Colter have worked SO hard on this!

snuggles are the sweetest.

Sometimes I find Lana doing things like this for fun,
and I know for sure she is my daughter.

summer = ice cream for dinner

Another oily hack:
Dan made a mess with spray paint: lemon oil for the win!

 We haven't kept track of how much the kids have read this summer,
but it's a LOT.  I love that they are readers!

We managed to sneak in a date night a few weeks ago!

 A major project this summer has been our outdoor patio area!
We had it covered, and a friend from church sold us their patio furniture.
I know where to go looking for Tucker when I can't find him now!

Lana got a fun new summertime cut!

 and then put in a blue streak!

Look at how adorable!!  She's the cutest.

Oh my heart, this made me laugh so hard!
We checked this book out from the library on a whim,
and Tucker brought it to me the next day:
MOM!  This book is such a rip-off!
It turns out that the missing piece never was found,
and he thought that was a terrible way to end the book.

More pictures of more lazy reading days.
It's one of my major summer goals:
to not have too much to do.
lots of downtime.
very little entertainment.

I miss my tiny babies, I do.
But there are such perks to having big kids!
While I get dressed in the morning sometimes,
she cooks breakfast and he unloads the dishwasher
and I'm the luckiest mama in the world.

The orthodontist pulled her brackets off temporarily - 
our first stop was the gas station to get some gum!

This happens rarely during the summer,
but sometimes my office view looks like this.
I love my job.

Summertime also means experimenting.
Here, Tucker was filling some of my essential oil capsules with different substances to see what they'd do.  I think he was doing chocolate milk at this point.
Summer mom doesn't care, as long as he cleans up after himself.

Since Pepper lost her vision, she sleeps most of the time.
She doesn't appear to be in any pain, she's happy when she's awake,
and we don't mind the little cuddly bug she's turned into.

 I love their beautiful sidewalk art!

Tucker went on a Dude Date with Dan to the arcade,
and he bought his sister a ring with his tickets.

 #pensacolarocks is all the rage around here this summer!
People paint rocks and hide them for others to find, and rehide.
T loved this ninja turtle one he found, and Lana found a fried egg!  Ha!

 shopping shenanigans with these 2!

We've not been at the beach as often as we would have liked this summer,
but we have been every chance we get.

We love to go in the afternoon and stay until sunset.
It's our favorite time of day.

 While Dan was out of the country for a week and a half,
Mom came for a visit!
She spoiled us rotten with food + love!

 His imagination is fantastic!
Check out his disguise this day:

When I say that Tucker literally cannot get enough of his sister,
I mean it:

This little sneaky thing got this bone last Christmas,
and we haven't seen it since then until now!
I don't know where she had it hidden!
It wasn't dirty, so I don't think she had it buried.

 We've got a few more weeks of summer left,
and we intend to enjoy them fully!

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