Monday, July 31, 2017

Round here: July edition

Dan arrived home from Jordan and Israel!  
We were SO glad to have him back with us.

A dear friend who lives out of state sent us a gift card
for a welcome home dinner - what a treat!!
You've never seen 4 happier Davises.

It took him longer than expected to get over the jetlag:

Then Lana went to CentriKid, without any parent in attendance!

She had a wonderful time, and felt so independent.

While she and Hollis were at camp,
the little bros went to a basketball day camp together.
Chip Boes is fantastic!!

Oh MAN were we all glad to have her back home with us!
She is the favorite person in our family, I think.

It's been such a great summer month -
we love school, but man, these lazy days of being together have been great!

 He must have been going through a growth spurt this summer,
because his legs were achy several nights.
A little OrthoSport helped him sleep!

just window shopping!

sweetest snuggles in the world!

Tucker has just a very few words that are still "little."
This one made me smile.

Flossing has been our favorite summer dance.

I took this picture at the pet store because it made me laugh SO hard!
Doesn't like just feel like this sometimes?!

Trying to figure out if he is a he or a she.

 My business meetings look like this sometimes:

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