Sunday, July 30, 2017

Happy 11th Birthday, Lana!

Today is our precious girl's 11th birthday!

The kids stayed with Dustin & April a couple of nights this week,
and they surprised her with a fun birthday celebration!!  

Cookie cake for breakfast, and then her Aunt A took her shopping for decorations for her locker.  SO precious - we couldn't be more thankful for their love and friendship!  She has no idea yet the treasure she has in them.

 Fun surprises in the mailbox kept her smiling all weekend long!!

Loved this birthday message from her friend Piper.  What a sweetie!

Yesterday, we celebrated with a Girl's Day with 2 of her friends from school.

We had lunch at Philly's, got manicures,
and then spent the afternoon at our house.

Look at the birthday surprise waiting for her when we arrived home: Pipsqueak!!

 So much birthday fun with her friends!

Sunday morning she woke to a table full of accessories for Pip,
exactly what she wanted:

Her birthday lunch was a student ministry meeting!
Crazy to think that it's time for this,
but we are SO thrilled with the ministry she's entering
that we are not sad a bit.
Even if Dustin & April weren't our dearest friends,
we would be thrilled to have Lana under their leadership.

Dinner that night was her choice: Melting Pot!

 PawPaw & Nana drove over from Orange Beach to join us - 
it was such a fun night!

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