Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Spiritual yelling.

Last week at the beach, Dan & Lana headed off together for a bit, 
so this guy and I had a treat and talked for a while.

He was telling me about someone yelling,
and how he doesn't like yelling.

Here's the rest of the conversation.
I wish I could freeze this in my memory forever!

Me: I know you don't like it when people raise their voices.  Do I yell?
(knowing the answer, but wanting his perspective)

Tucker: Well....sometimes.  

Me: I'm sorry.  Do you feel like I yell a lot?

Tucker: Well....you don't yell physically a lot, but sometimes you yell spiritually.

Me: Oh.  What does that mean, to yell spiritually?

Tucker: You know, like when you are mad and you get very very quiet.  I can feel it in my spirit.

Me: I see.  So it's when I'm upset but instead of yelling out loud, I don't talk at all.  You don't like that.

Tucker: NO!  I don't like it all when you yell spiritually.  

Me: So if I'm feeling frustrated, and I want to cool down so I don't speak to you in anger, what should I do?  I thought I was doing the right thing by being quiet.

Tucker: No, mom.  You have to just talk to me about it right away, but calmly.  

Me: Hmmm.  Ok.  But there are times when you aren't listening to me well, and so I'm feeling frustrated.  What do I do then?

Tucker: Welllll.....I guess....take a nap.  That helps.

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