Friday, June 30, 2017

Pensacola Rocks!

By now, most Pensacolians have heard of Pensacola Rocks!

It's such a fun thing that is happening in our town,
and other towns all across America - just a bit of joy to spread.

People are painting rocks and leaving them for others to hide, 
who them enjoy them and re-hide for someone else to find.

My very favorite rock so far:

One of our Hillcrest Connect Group leaders, Chad Picou,
painted this beauty, and included all the Hillcrest contact info on the back!
His wife posted a pic on Facebook, I gushed a bit,
and they made my day by giving it to me on Sunday morning to let me hide!

Lana & I hid it in Hobby Lobby on Davis this past week!
Chad & Michelle - I think we should make these in bulk!!

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