Friday, June 16, 2017

Orange Beach with the Davis Fam

We just returned home from several days in Orange Beach with Dan's side of the family!
All 9 cousins were together, and it was such a blast!

A quick stop at Dave's Sno-balls on the way down - it's tradition.

The first day PawPaw rented a couple of pontoon boats with slides to take out to the little island.  The storms chased us in early, but boy did we have a great time while it lasted!

Tucker's first time going down the slide!
He is so courageous these days.

This floating mat was so fun!
It was like monkeys on the bed - in the water.

Some of the cousins live with Nana & PawPaw at their house;
some stayed at their rental condo nearby, that has a pool.
The golf cart was perfect to shuttle back and forth!

Tucker and Hayden are thick as thieves.
They are both sweet, tenderhearted, and all boy!
I hope they are close forever.

 One of our favorite spots in OBA is the pilings under the Pass -
the water is super deep, and it's great for jumping off:

It's extra fun when you have cousins to jump with!
Hayden waiting until the end made me laugh so hard.

The pilings are HIGH, and Tucker has never jumped off.
Well, today he decided he would!
His first attempt wasn't a huge success: belly flop
He was NOT impressed.
I didn't think he would do it again,
but we talked to him about not hesitating and going feet first and 
He even got brave enough to do it without Dan waiting on him,

This beautiful storm came up quickly, and it was full of lightning,
and we had to make an early exit!

Straight back to Nana & PawPaw's for lunch on the covered porch while it rained.

And then over to the pool for more swimming fun!

I love this pic of Dan with his dad and brother....precious Davis men. 

Homemade bread, fried snapper and okra - life is good!

We stayed a hotel a few miles away - 
love slow, easy mornings with no responsibilities.

Ready for more fun!
He was so happy I took him to swim in the hotel pool on our last day
while Lana & Daddy packed up.

Cars 3 came out today,
so it was a must to see it with the cousins before everyone had to leave!

my whole world.

The Mobile Davises were headed the same direction we were,
so we made a pit stop at The Yard for milkshakes.

We could all have shared ONE of those!
On the way home, Lana asked if we could please just have vegetables for dinner.
So we did!

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