Friday, June 23, 2017

Chip Boes basketball camp

 Lana just finished up a week at Chip Boe's Championship Basketball Camp. 
We signed up on the recommendation of Lana's basketball coach this past year,
and we could not have been more pleased!

This is a highly structured skills camp,
with lots of focus on the individual player.
It is staffed entirely by adults, very experienced basketball players and coaches.  
There's lots of fun, but no goofing off,
and the point of the week is not to entertain the kids -
it's to coach them.

I think every child would benefit for a week with Coach Boes,
even if they're not into basketball - 
there is a focus on discipline and listening and character
that every single child could benefit from.

Just listen to Lana's takeaway from the week: click here

Tucker is already registered for the last week available.
Lana would go back, too, except she'll be at Centrikid.
She's getting him ready, though:

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