Saturday, May 27, 2017

Round here

We just finished our school year, and here's what we were up to around here in the last few weeks before summer:

The biggest news: we welcomed Mackenzie Rollins to the world!
Dan's Administrative Assistant Mariah had her little girl,
and she is an absolute baby doll, perfect in every way.

Tucker's class went to Triple Play (along with 2nd and 3rd grade) to celebrate the end of the year, and this is where he spent the majority of his time.  He just spent a few minutes on the inflatables!

Tucker & Dan finished up their first season of coach pitch baseball.
Dan coached the team, with help from these great guys: Colter, Tim Inacio, and Keith Little.  It wasn't a winning season, but it was a fun one!

I forgot to put bug spray on Tucker one night,
and we learned that he is indeed still allergic to mosquitoes.  Yikes!

Pepper tucked herself in for bed one night; 
I think she was hoping we wouldn't put her in her kennel!

I was heading out the door to school one morning,
and snapped a pic of my daily handful of health.
Young Living has the best oils in the industry,
and they formulate their supplements with essential oils
in very precise ways to scientifically increase their effectiveness.
I can tell a huge difference.

I brought home a souvenir from a run one morning:

Lana got a weird virus a few weeks ago,
and missed 4 days of school!
It's the first real sickness we've had in so long.

Popsicles help when you're sick!

We drink quite a bit of hot tea around here,
and the kids like it as much as we do.
I put Tucker's in a to-go cup one morning so he could enjoy in on the way to school, and he was so excited about it!

We are working on some home renovation projects,
and the first one on the list is to cover the patio area in the back,
and replace the flooring.
The previous owner put down indoor tile,
and it's super slippery and has started cracking.

 The boys worked SO hard on the demo!

 After hours of removal, sanding, and pressure washing, 
we've got a mostly smooth and blank canvas.
Now we've just got to decide what we want to do for flooring out here!
side note: all those papers on the windows and doors are notes of encouragement Lana wrote and put up while the guys were working.  So sweet!

Tucker's got a front tooth coming in!
This makes me all kinds of sad;
once they have that first adult tooth in,
they lose the baby look entirely.

We celebrated Lana's summer birthday at school with Klondike bars and Powerade.

I love his smart little problem solving solutions!
Lana and Tuck were playing one day,
and he put his toys in his hat to move them from place to place.

Silly afternoon games

Trips to Target with my littles always seem to end up like this:

Sidewalk chalk has always been one of our favorite things to do together,
since they were very small.  Love that it still is!

Two of my students who are now in 4th grade brought this treat by to me one morning!  Oh my heart, there are some kiddos who just keep on stealing your heart.

Tucker saved up his money to buy a fishing gun,
and was so excited when his daddy took him to get it!

We just finished up a year in the book of John in BSF;
here's our sweet discussion group on the last day!

Tucker spends a lot of time waiting for sister at piano lessons,
and finds funny ways to amuse himself sometimes:

Here's Tucker, wanting a hug.
Here's Lana, wanting her personal space.

This may be gross and slightly weird,
but we love to "birdie" with Pepper.
(We did this with our kids when they were babies, too, haha!)

such a daddy's girl!  She's trying to convince him to let her sleep in the bed with us, I'm sure.

Lana is in the elementary Girls' Chorus at her school,
and they finished their year with leading chapel.

We just finished up the regular softball season,
and will play in the final tournament next week.
I've enjoyed every minute of watching this rookie practice and play!

This guy's shenanigans keep us laughing!

I met up with my local business leaders recently at Soul Caffeine in Daphne, AL.
It's locally owned, has the greatest vibe, and the coffee is delicious, not to mention reasonably priced!  If I were local to this great little spot, I would be there all the time.

There was some confusion about awards and the altar call at this year's baseball end-of-season ceremony, and my buddy held it together until we got to the car.  Times like this remind me what a little boy he still is inside.

We had a splinter emergency on our way out of the door for church one Wednesday evening.  After the tried and true things didn't work (sterilized needle, tweezers, hydrogen peroxide), and after much weeping and gnashing of teeth, I finally gathered my wits, and looked up splinters in my oil education group.  Following the suggestions there, I threw together a thick paste of baking soda, purification and thieves, and hydrogen peroxide.  I smeared some of the paste on the splinter, covered it with a band-aid, and we ran out the door.  After church, we took the band-aid off, and the splinter was GONE!  I am a huge believer in my oils, but this shocked even me!

Lana had a really rough couple of days at school a few weeks ago.
Dan picked her up from school, and sent me this picture.
Sometimes a girl just needs some ice cream to make everything better.

Another pic of Pepper cuddling to try to avoid the kennel at night:

Love this adorable rock project Tucker made in Art at school:

Dan took this beauty on a date one morning the last week of school.
I love how they love each other!

Oh my, this made me laugh.
My kids' idea of heaven is this: click here!

My friend Katie's daughter Ashley babysat for us for the first time, and Tucker declared that she was a great babysitter!  

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