Thursday, May 25, 2017

Great Food Truck Race!

Team Davis LOVES watching The Great Food Truck Race - 
it's one of our favorite family shows!

So when we heard that the race was HERE in Pensacola,
we all geeked out and could barely wait to get downtown!
We stood in long hot lines, ate at every truck that was open for business,
and generally just acted like groupies.

Mine, Dan's, and Lana's favorite thing was the spicy grilled shrimp po-boy from Mr. Po-Boy's; we think their truck will win it all!

Tucker got to GET ON Southern Frenchies' truck and HONK THE HORN -
coolest thing ever, so he's rooting for them to win.

Either way, we are huge fans of the show and these trucks,
and love that Pensacola will get some air time.  We love our city!

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