Friday, May 26, 2017

2017 Awards Day

This week, we celebrated Awards Day at Aletheia for each of our children.  1-3 grade has one ceremony, and 4-6 has another, and it's a little long but important, I think.  In this age of "everyone gets a trophy," I like that we recognize hard work and achievement.  My favorite part is that they give each child a character award, affirming a character trait they see in that child.  Last year, Tucker received Leadership and Lana received Helpfulness.

This year, Lana's awards ceremony was first.  She received awards for the spelling bee, playing basketball and softball, Tropicana Speech contest, Gold Honor Roll (all A's all year), and 2nd highest GPA in her class.  Her sweet friend Aubrey beat her by 4/10 of a point!!  Smart girls!

We really loved the character award she received from her teacher Mrs. Skaggs for Confidence.  When she was smaller, she was painfully shy - so much so that I had to create a reward system to encourage her just to look at others and smile at them.  The fact that she has blossomed into this beautiful young woman who delivers articulate speeches and is recognized for her confidence is just evidence of how God works in our lives, growing and changing us!

First and last day of 5th grade

Tucker's award ceremony was the next day!
He made us so proud with his Gold Honor Roll achievement, as well,
and his Character award for Respectfulness.

If I had to pick just a handful of character traits for my son to have, respectfulness would be at the top of that list, and it pleases us to no end that he is demonstrating that in the classroom!  The kind words his teacher had to say about him were a treasure to me.

We loved that they sang a portion of the Toy Story theme song for us!

Boy, does this little boy ever make us proud.
He is gentle and loving,
but crystal clear about right and wrong,
and will fight for his convictions to the death.
He's got a warrior spirit inside of him,
and yet he demonstrates such a attitude of self-control.
I can't wait to see what the Lord does with this one!

 First and last day of 1st grade

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