Friday, April 14, 2017

Strawberry picking!

Today we teamed up with some of our favorite people 
for some strawberry picking at Akers of Strawberries!

 We have been picking strawberries together for a LOT of years!

 A trip to Akers isn't complete without a cup of their strawberry soft-serve.

After we picked gobs of beautiful berries,
we found a treasure of a spot for lunch!

Pork and Spoon in Milton is an unbelievably great little find!
Their signature BLTs are out of this world.

 The owner was so great, letting our kids sit at the counter and watch them cook,
and then letting them sample some of their signature treats

like homemade pork rinds and chocolate beignet balls:

 Listen, we ate A LOT of food yesterday,
and every single bite was delicious!

 We headed back to the Scott's to dye Easter eggs.
Thank goodness for Aunt April,
because I'm not sure my children would get to do this otherwise!
We had such a fun time!

 After we did the traditional dying, 
we tried a version with CoolWhip and food coloring.
It was so pretty!

And the kids were thrilled to get to eat the leftovers - HA!

 After dying eggs,
the kiddos cooled off with some water balloons:

They found a little buddy, whom they named 
Abraham Leapin'

What a fun, wonderful day!
We will never take these for granted.

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