Saturday, April 29, 2017

Round here

 It's been a beautiful spring so far here in the Panhandle,
and we're escaping to the beach every chance we get.

A week or so before Easter, Hillcrest hung door hangers on every door in the neighborhoods surrounding our church.  The kids were "helping" Dan get everything set up.  #PK

Canvassing with this crew made my heart happy!

Tucker is loving his first year of coach pitch baseball,
and I am loving his cute little self in that baseball uniform.

 One Sunday morning, Tucker made a list of everything he was doing.
Love it so much!  "Get my spy stuff" is my favorite, second only to "Kiss mom."

Beach bound.  Again.  
We've got it down to a science.

Hooligans, with slushies as big as their heads, thanks to Uncle Dustin.

This is a summary of my life right now:

As soon as the kids go to bed, Pepper goes to our bed and waits for us.
Sometimes she cries for us to bring her a blanket.

These two little guys in my class came running up at recess:
Look, Mrs. Davis!  We're twins!
I wish we all saw things the way kids do.

This sweet gift from my Katie Barker is a good reminder to me these days.

Lana is practicing softball 3 days a week,
so Tucker and I spend a lot of time on the benches at the field.
I love the sweet conversations we have,
like this one about his "glistener." (He meant shiner.)

Scotty Skaggs is coaching their team,
and I have been so impressed with how great he is with the girls!
Lana says what makes him a good coach is that he doesn't just yell at you across the field; he takes the time to show you exactly what he wants you to do.

I love this picture.
I may not look my prettiest...
those lines in my forehead and around my eyes tell my age...
but I want to remember what it felt like that day
to sit in the afternoon sun
and watch my daughter practice
and snuggle with my son while he read.
These are the best days of my life.

 those puppy dog eyes and ears make me swoon.
she has stolen my heart, for sure.

The kids took their standardized Terra Nova tests a few weeks ago,
so this is what our morning routine looked like:

I played hooky from life one day last week with a couple of friends:

 This is one of my favorite things to do with the kids:
pillows and blankets and book on the trampoline.
We had a few almost-cool days last week, 
so we spent some time in the afternoons like this:

She's worse than a child, 
taking every single toy out looking for just the right one.

We're down to the last few weeks of this school year,
and my firsties are worn out.
We've started taking 2 short recesses a day - a morning and an afternoon.
It's made a world of difference in their stamina and attitudes,
and my only regret is that we didn't do it sooner!

 Tough life.

She's had such a hard time lately anytime we take her outside our house,
just bumping into things and flinching.
My dear friend Liz sent her this wonderful gift to help!

Check out this video of Dan scaring Tucker at the playground at school:

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