Monday, April 3, 2017

Round here

There are some people who just scatter sunshine wherever they go...
I have a friend at school like that.
The week after Spring Break,
she remembered my birthday with these unbelievable
strawberry basil cupcakes.
Every bit as delicious as they sound,
but the sweetest part was her thinking of me.

Mornings require lots of "huggles" at our house, as Tucker calls them.

Sometimes your love language after a long day of school
is a big mug of hot chocolate with ridiculous toppings.

We bought her a stupid expensive dog bed
because she's blind and we're suckers.
She chewed it to bits.

I got to pop in Tucker's class and do a quick STEM activity with them.
This is the FUN part of being a teacher!  :)

 Each child got a Peep,
and toothpicks and jellybeans to make their Peep a home.
They were so creative!

Beautiful artwork on display outside Lana's classroom!

While Dan was gone to Alaska,
our neighbors made sure our trash cans
were put out and brought in on trash day.
It meant more to me than I could say.

sweet baby.

As the weather is getting warmer,
and we're outside more,
he's getting more and more freckles every day.  I LOVE IT
and really just want to kiss them all right off his face.
(Also: the top photo was taken with an iphone 6.  The bottom one was taken with a new 7Plus.  Love the upgrade!)

 Hooray!  He can tie his own shoes,
thanks to this trick.

Little makes me happier than lazy afternoons spent like this:

Lana and I went to see Beauty and the Beast together a couple of weekends ago,
and the boys went golfing!

 Funny: he wants to wear this red shirt ONLY when he is golfing.

 Thanks to a recommendation from a friend,
Dan and I went on a Friday lunch day to Nomadic Eats.
It's a food truck across from the Wahoo's stadium...and oh my word!

SO good.  Fresh.  Locally owned.
All our favorite things!
Go early, though, because they stay packed,
and sell out of things quickly.

We spent an afternoon hitting balls at the ballpark,
and Pepper needed a sip of water on the way home!

Check out how this goose is sitting in my lap.
She thinks she's human.

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