Thursday, April 13, 2017

Field Day 2017

Today was Field Day at the the kid's school,
and we all had a blast!

Dan took the day off, and he and I were in charge of the water balloon toss.

One of my favorite things about Field Day at Aletheia
is that they mix the age groups.  
Each color team has a few kids from each grade, K-6.
It makes the teams even,
and it helps the kids build relationships with each other.
So fun!

Lana was on the blue team, and Tucker was on the red team.

Opening ceremonies in the gym!

There were tons of games for the teams to rotate through:
water balloon toss, obstacle course, golf ball toss, sponge relay, basketball shoot, popsicles and face painting, and more.

Red Team won the tug-o-war!

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