Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Spring Break, Day 3

We spent today in Chattanooga!

Oh, Chatty, I love you, with your beautiful Coolidge Park green space and your 100 year old carousel that costs $1 to ride and your long, gorgeous pedestrian bridge and your battlefields and historical monuments and towers to climb and your hipster district with artists everywhere and your Clumpie's ice cream that we ate twice in a day and your street art and your gourmet hot dogs and your cool, family-friendly vibe that kept us in your streets until after bedtime. You are one of my favorite cities.

Our first stop was the beautiful carousel in Coolidge Park.
It's 100 years old, and costs $1 to ride, and it's just gorgeous.

It's so precious to see our 10 year old trying to decide if she's a teenager or still a little girl.  She went on the carousel because she wanted to, but then was so embarrassed - check out those crossed arms!  But within a couple of whirls, she was smiling.
Oh, I love every bit of her.

 Our Tucker finds such joy in everything.  7 is a fun, fun age.

Lana spotted this seat in front of her!!  Perfect!

 Built in 1891, the Walnut Street Bridge is the world's longest pedestrian bridge!

It's beautiful and just delightful to cross!

It was also a little long.

Listen, y'all.  
I'm a homebody.
I like my bed and my pillow and my soft blanket and my smells.
I'm not a person who would typically enjoy travel,
but I'll tell you this:
I LOVE going new places and seeing new things with my people.
It's one of my favorite things in all the world!

If you're going to cross the world's longest pedestrian bridge,
it goes without saying that you have to spit off the side.

So many shenanigans!

We wandered downtown a bit and found The Passage, a pedestrian link that is a memorial to the Trail of Tears.  It was beautiful and sobering. 

Street art is everywhere in Chattanooga -
these trees are painted blue in a temporary exhibit 
designed to draw attention to the greenspace in the city.

 We found walkways that weren't just walkways, they were gardens

and bridges made of glass.
I told you, it's a bit magical here.

Hunter Museum of American Art
We'll try to visit this the next trip.

It was a windy day in Chattanooga!

Clumpie's Ice Cream is a Chattanooga staple,
and we've heard nothing but rave reviews.
It did not disappoint - 
on the contrary, it was better than we could have imagined!
Fresh, local ingredients - the best ice cream I've ever had!

We ventured outside the city into Georgia for a few hours to 
the site of the Battle of Chickamauga.
We had a great time!

We particularly loved this memorial:

It was a steep climb to the top,
but the view was SO worth it!

 and I'm not ashamed to admit that after we explored the battlegrounds,
and after a bit of a debate,
we went back into the city for dinner and a Round #2 at Clumpie's.

Coolidge Park is home to some of our favorite street art displays,
and full to the brim with little locally owned art shops and restaurants.

 Lana and I wore the boys out!

Tucker's favorite art we found:

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