Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Spring break, Day 2

One of our favorite parts about the time we spend here is the slow mornings.
We refuse to set alarms, or get in a hurry about anything.
We mostly don't even know what time it is.

We slept in and spent much of the morning playing board games.

The neighbors' dogs Max and Hammy became our buddies this week.
They would be waiting for us each morning when we woke up,
and were the sweetest little pals you ever did see.

This morning, we drove into Mentone to eat at Wildflower Cafe,
winner of many awards and rumored to be the best cafe in Alabama.

It was delicious, and we love anything locally owned!

 Just a little bit outside Mentone is DeSoto Falls & DeSoto State Park.
We stopped by the falls first:

The color of the water was really something to see.

After we left the falls, we headed into the state park,
and stopped at the information center to pick up maps.
We happened to stumble into a little learning center,
and OH MY WORD, what a treat!

We met this funny little squirrel:

And got to watch this guy MOLT!
Now, I am not a fan of snakes in general, even behind glass,
but it was incredible to be walking in at the precise moment
he was shedding his skin.  Lana and I were riveted!

We could have sat and watched these 2 all day.

 What a hidden gem!

With maps in hand and water bottles filled,
we hit the trail!

The kids LOVE finding big rocks to climb.
I overheard Lana telling Tucker,
"Climbing on big rocks is just our thing, Tucker."
I love that they have "a thing."

 Time slows down in the woods.
You have time to float sticks and stare in creeks and watch the water.

He was so frustrated that none of us wanted to come cram in this little spot with him.  This guy, he's such a physical touch person.  He just wanted us near him....never mind that our heads wouldn't fit!

 Oh the delight of taking off your shoes and wading back into the creek.

Racing sticks...you can guess whose won!

It was such a wonderful day,
completed with Oreos and milk,
a Team Davis vacation tradition.  
2-3 Oreos and milk every single night before bed on vacation.
No exceptions.

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