Monday, March 6, 2017

Round here

We finally got our fence replaced!  
It was original to the house, and needed an update.

We had the best treat a few weeks ago when the Scott boys came and stayed a night with us while their parents got away.  Our kiddos stayed with them while we did the same the week before.  What an enormous measure of grace to have them in our town.

 These 4 amigos have been buddies their whole life long,
and tell others they are cousins.  Be still my heart.

We've finally found a CPA we can trust.
Our taxes are a bit of a mess, thanks to the last accountant,
and he is ever so gently and kindly helping us dig ourselves out.
He is impeccably organized and efficient.  
We highly recommend Scott Hamilton!

One of my favorite firsties, Jackson, gave me this flower picked from his garden for Valentine's Day, and it was still blooming a week later.  It made me smile every time I saw that bloom!

This darling girl is a bigger blessing to our family than we can say.
Here I caught her preparing breakfast for us before church one Sunday morning,
without being asked at all.  She has my heart.

Both teeth are out, and this smile turns me to absolute mush.

February in Florida is everything I want winter to be.
Sunday after church, beach-bound:

 This sign is one of my favorite things to see!

 right behind this.  absolute perfection.

 This sweet baby girl has lost even more of her vision,
but she has gotten even more precious.
We vowed she wouldn't get on the new furniture, 
but that lasted a few days.

She's got her mama wrapped around her finger, too.
The other day she was sitting on our bed, just whining and whining.
She wouldn't stop crying until I laid down with her.

I had to lay there with her until she fell asleep,
so I could get back up and get some things done.
BLESS IT.  It's like having a baby.

We were so happy to participate in D-Now this year!
We hosted 6th grade girls in our home,
and loved every minute of it.  
We can't wait to do it again next year!

 Meet my friend Cathy.
She's the leader of our Women's Ministry,
and a gift to our church in every way possible.
I'm so glad to get to do life with her more and more.
She loves Jesus wildly,
has the incredible gift of hospitality,
and serves tirelessly.
She is madly in love with her husband,
and has raised 2 wonderful boys.
She is beautiful, from the inside out.
I hope I'm just like Cathy when I grow up.

Baseball season is getting started!
Dan is coaching Tucker's coach-pitch minors team,
and has a great crew of coaches helping him out.
It's going to be a fun season!

We planted our grace garden last week,
and began our scripture readings for Lent.
This year, we're introducing fasting to the children as well.
Each Sunday, we're fasting from something as a family:
screens, sweet things, drinks besides water, etc.
I love this explanation of Lent by Matt Chandler of Village Church.

 A friend snapped this picture one Sunday morning in church,
and it makes my heart squeeze every time I look at it.
I am convinced that these are the best days of our lives.

All the grandkids with Dan's mom on her birthday - fun times!

This guy.
This is how we found him when we came to wake him up.
I love his little sense of humor!

Bathtime is a little more fun with your buddy.

I love that he does crazy things like this with me.
I didn't love peeling that mask off so much, though.

This little beauty had a low grade fever last night,
so I kept her home with me today for some TLC.
She hasn't had any fever at all today,
and I'm ever so glad to get to be the one who takes care of her.

You know what else makes my heart jump for joy?!
Having framily who live here in town,
and who will offer to go an hour out of their way to pick up Tucker from school.
I can't tell you the gratitude I experienced when I got to text Tucker's teacher
that his Aunt April was picking him up from school.
He was pretty stoked about it, too:

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