Thursday, March 9, 2017

Cleared to play!

Today we have Tucker's follow up appointment with his orthopedic doc at Nemour's.
They were pleased with his x-ray, and while it will take 6 months to a year for his clavicle to completely heal and smooth out, it has repaired itself enough for him to be cleared to play!

He was SUPER happy about that,
and his teacher sent me this text the next day:
Tucker just ran through the playground yelling "It's good to be alive!"

Oh my heart!
9 weeks is a really long time to have to sit and watch your buddies play at recess and P.E.  He's been so great about it, and hasn't complained a bit.  He probably does feel like he's come back to life!

He's still got 4-6 weeks before they'll clear him for the trampoline,
but he took that in stride - 
as long as he could play with his friends at recess!

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