Monday, February 20, 2017

Yes Day 2016

Once or twice a year,
I indulge my children in a YES Day, inspired by this book.

The only rules are that the requests must be reasonable,
inexpensive, and not require travel.
(i.e., you can't ask if we can go to Disney World today.)

It's always a delight to see what questions they will ask.

Today's questions included:

Can we skip our chores?
Can we have coke floats for breakfast?
Can we eat as much Valentine candy as we want?
Can we have an extra 30 minutes of screen time?  An extra hour?!
Can we jump on our beds?
Can we have a pillow fight?
Can we watch cartoons?
Can we go to Fast Eddies?
Can we take Daddy along with us?
Can we go out to eat for lunch?
Can we go to Wild Honey?
Can we go to the playground?
Can we play on your phone in the car?
Can we have a food fight?
Can we have coke with dinner?
Can we stay up late?

 We had a fantastic day, all around!
The only thing I said "NO" to was the question
Can we have Yes Day again tomorrow???

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