Friday, February 24, 2017

Spelling Bee Champ!

Our precious Lana did so well at the regional spelling bee today!

She won first place for all of the area 5th grade!

Love this post by her proud Daddy:

Monday, February 20, 2017

Yes Day 2016

Once or twice a year,
I indulge my children in a YES Day, inspired by this book.

The only rules are that the requests must be reasonable,
inexpensive, and not require travel.
(i.e., you can't ask if we can go to Disney World today.)

It's always a delight to see what questions they will ask.

Today's questions included:

Can we skip our chores?
Can we have coke floats for breakfast?
Can we eat as much Valentine candy as we want?
Can we have an extra 30 minutes of screen time?  An extra hour?!
Can we jump on our beds?
Can we have a pillow fight?
Can we watch cartoons?
Can we go to Fast Eddies?
Can we take Daddy along with us?
Can we go out to eat for lunch?
Can we go to Wild Honey?
Can we go to the playground?
Can we play on your phone in the car?
Can we have a food fight?
Can we have coke with dinner?
Can we stay up late?

 We had a fantastic day, all around!
The only thing I said "NO" to was the question
Can we have Yes Day again tomorrow???

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Round here

Lana's class has been studying WWII, and had a veteran visit their class.
What a wonderful learning experience!

This is #pklife at its finest.
Sometimes you have to wait a really long time.
pk = preacher's kid

This was one of Tucker's spelling tests he took
while his collarbone was broken - 
he wrote this all with his left hand!
I was impressed.

A broken collarbone has some perks:
particularly, big sister spoiling you to death.
 He clearly adores her.

The kids recently celebrated 100 days of school!

We used 100 M&M's for Tucker's collection of 100.
Unfortunately, we left it out to dry where Pepper could reach it.
The dog really did eat his homework!

Given just a minute of free time,
this is how and where we'll find our girl:

This is where we'll find THIS girl!  :) 

I've not been running nearly as much as I like or need to.
I snuck in late afternoon jog around the neighborhood a few weeks ago:
a sunset like this is just good for the soul.

Dan and I went to the Coffee Cup for breakfast for the first time a few weeks ago-
I loved their corned beef hash!

We discovered a new, locally owned, YUMMY bakery inside of Kountry Girl Boutique:
it's called Southern Specialty Sweets and it is such a great little local treasure!
This mom & daughter duo bake everything themselves from scratch,
and the prices are incredibly low!
Check out that king cake fresh from the oven!!  WOW!

The plant ledges in our home have been empty for all 5 years we've been here, 
because I kill plants and I don't do knick-knacks, 
so I didn't know what to put in them.
When I saw these signs at Smallwoods, and spotted them on sale for 75% off,
I knew I had found just the right thing for our home!

sweet morning hugs

I love spying this stash of oils in my husband's desk at work!!

We were waiting on Night of Praise to start -
this little crew of boys found an electronic of some sort to keep them busy.
Love this little pack of boys!

These girls are pretty darn adorable, too!

Florida winters are something really special.
We are loving the weather that allows for after-school visits to the playground,
and late nights outside, playing and inventing and making paper airplanes.
She's got skills.

The church staff went off-site for a one day retreat a few weeks ago.
I'm utterly thankful for this group of people,
and how they love and serve the Church so selflessly.

Oh my.
This is the picture our school secretary Mrs. Kathi sent me the other day.
Will he ever get less clumsy?!

Fortunately, he's got a great group of buddies to take care of him.

I took these pictures of them plotting against me.
We were waiting at Lana's piano lesson,
and Tucker wanted to go play on the playground with his sister
but his collarbone is broken
so I said no.
They were hatching a plan to convince me to change my mind.
I think it worked.

We go back to the orthopedist today for a re-check.
I think he's healing up just fine.

freckles and froyo with Daddy

I had the great honor of joining my friend April in teaching at a women's retreat for First Baptist Prattville.  This is the view outside my window!  Beautiful!  I could have stayed there for many more days enjoying the peace.

While I was away teaching, Lana joined her friend Hana to celebrate her birthday!

Magazines are a highly valued mail item;
our kids get Highlights and Adventures in Odyssey.
Any others we should add to our list?

I love this picture of these 2 peas in a pod.
I snapped it while they were giggling at something one morning,
and it makes my heart happy every time I look at it.

Tucker has always loved her soft ears.  :)

We finished the Upward basketball season,
and enjoyed the awards ceremony!
Up next: coach pitch baseball!

Mrs. Rita snuck Tucker into Pastor Jim's office one afternoon.
Those are big shoes to fill!

She knew she wasn't supposed to be on that couch,
so she made herself as adorable as possible.

Dan & Tucker are going to a new barber.
He gives a GREAT haircut - with a little something extra!

This picture of the people who came to cheer Lana on 
in the finals round of basketball
make me so thankful.
Sometimes you get to choose your family, you know.

One morning, the kids wanted homemade muffins,
and I was busy with something else,
so I tossed them the recipe and told them to try.

The muffins turned out great!

We are still having a blast playing with Dan's Christmas gift from the kids:

Valentine's date with her daddy.
She couldn't be any more lovely.

This is what "work" looks like for me sometimes - 
I couldn't be more grateful for these people to do life and business with!