Thursday, January 12, 2017

Tucker's collarbone update:

Well, we visited Dr. Richard Reynolds at Nemour's today, and it's clearly broken:

We were NOT expecting that!  The ER made it sound like a minor fracture, so we were envisioning hairline.  When we saw the displacement, both of us prepared ourselves for pretty intensive treatment, but that wasn't the case at all!  The ortho treated it like it was no big deal, said to just leave him in the sling for a few weeks and let him use it as he felt comfortable.  No PE or other major physical activity until we go back in 6 weeks for another set of xrays.

He said that the bone will actually regrow a bridge between the break, and while he will always have a lump there, it will not impair his function in any way.

We can't get over how tough he has been.
I could just eat him up.

He's very proud that he is the first kid in our family to have a broken bone.  
He keeps reminding us "I  beat Lana!  I broke a bone first!"

She has been so wonderful taking care of her brother:
writing down his answers for his make-up work,
doing his chores,
even feeding him:
She's the best big sister in the world!

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