Monday, January 2, 2017

Round here

Today was the last day of our Christmas break.
We've had a wonderful 2 weeks together, and are sad to see it end - 
here are a few of the things we've been up to lately:

Dan's been busy embarrassing Lana,
because what else is the dad of a preteen supposed to do?
She could not bear the humiliation of him pushing this little basket.

Tucker tried to learn to say new words: negotiate

One of our family Christmas gifts was the throwback Nintendo - 
it seems to be a hit!

5 or 6 years ago, when we lived in NC, long before our family began using essential oils, Lana woke up in the middle of the night, screaming and crying with stomach pain. I did everything I could to help her, but the pain wouldn't relent and we ended up spending the entire night and most of the next morning in the ER to discover the culprit of her pain....gas. 

Fast forward to one night last week, when Tucker woke me up sobbing with stomach pain. Tummygize on his belly to support his digestive systems, Peace and Calming in the diffuser to help him relax, a warm compress and a good long snuggle from Mommy...and he was back to sleep in his own bed within 30 minutes.

In all seriousness, one of the major blessings in using Young Living oils is that I have so many more tools in my mom-arsenal...natural, easy ones that make me so much more confident and capable as I care for my family.

I get that essential oils sound weird to some, and make others nervous, but listen: they're a tool!! And we want to have as many tools in our belt as we possibly can because MOM-ing IS HARD and these little bottles of plants can make it just a bit easier on all of us sometimes. Like at 1 a.m. when your little one is sobbing.

If you've got some Christmas money to spend, getting started with essential oils is one purchase you will never regret, and I'll make it my business to be sure of it. 

This sweet baby's eyes are giving her trouble again.
She has needed lots of extra snuggles lately.

When her vision started going again, she began crying in her kennel at night.  We tried everything; comfort items, a new bed, just wasn't like her.
In desperation we tried just leaving her to sleep in her favorite spot on the couch one night;
she (and we!) slept so soundly!

One of my favorite Young Living products is back in stock,
so you can be sure I stocked up!
Every southerner should have a bottle (or 5) of it!

My favorite spot to prepare for a talk.
(Side note: the oatmeal is gross.  Don't waste your money.)

Our very talented daughter:

Speaking of that precious girl, she has started wearing her Daddy's hat lately, and it's the sweetest thing to me.  She loves him so much!

Tucker has a new hat, too: the one that Lana knitted for him, in his favorite colors.

Our friends the Lourceys stopped by again this year on their way back to Austin from visiting family in central Florida.  We love getting to see them!

Lana pushing the littles on the tire swing.
She is such a good big sister!

On New Year's Day, we were getting ready for church,
and I came out of our bedroom to find the kiddos like this:
I pray 2017 is filled with lots of precious, quiet moments like this.

 He's so big.  
Sometimes I catch a glimpse of him doing regular, everyday things
and my heart catches in my throat.
I can see the man he'll become,
and I just want to freeze time.

Speaking of that man-child,
he left me this precious note on my desk a few days ago.
He has my heart.

We were so thankful for quiet moments these past 2 weeks;
I found Lana in her room, knitting and watching the rain fall out her window.
So peaceful.

This cutie went out to pick up a missing ingredient for dinner,
and snagged one of my favorite treats!  He loves me!

This break was clearly full of lots of sugar;
we threw most of the rules out the window.

The warm weather made it perfect to practice bike riding and playing ball!
Tucker bike riding
Lana bike riding

Riding bikes isn't an easy thing for Tucker -
we are so proud of how he's been willing to learn to do it anyway!

Tucker practicing coach pitch

Tucker loves his new Action Bible, and we find him reading it all the time,
even while waiting for a table at a restaurant.  LOVE.

We spent one day downtown,
enjoying our home and the wonderful weather and our people.
We met a man in the park who was feeding peanuts to squirrels;
he gave the kids a handful, and we enjoyed it so much!

A little cha cha downtown....

a stop by Bubba's Sweet Spot to spend some Christmas money...

and a ride on the trolley all around the town!

It's free and really lovely!  

Dan even got in a bit of pinecone golf!  Ha!

 She really is our youngest child.  She has my heart!

 Dan's Apple watch came through with a timely reminder during the Alabama/Washington game:

Our favorite babysitter in the world moved to SC this past summer,
and we were so sad not to get to see her during her quick visit home.
That darling girl left gifts on the front porch for the kiddos!

And today we spent our last day of freedom at Fast Eddie's!
I had to work, but got a long lunch break,
so I met Dan and the kids there for some fun!


Family is everything.

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