Saturday, January 14, 2017

Lana's basketball team

Aletheia's basketball team played their last regular season game today, and won right at the buzzer!  They have a 4 and 4 record, and will play this coming Saturday in the championship for their age division.
Their cheer team from school came out to cheer them on!

We are unspeakably thankful for Coach Ferguson (in blue).  
He has pulled out the very best in our daughter,
and his gentle but firm coaching style has made her fall in love with basketball.
She's already talking about wanting to go to a summer skills camp to improve.

Afterwards, the team went to Chick Fil A,
and Coach Fergie took time to say something about each individual player.
He said Lana showed natural talent, 
and he was sure she had lots of basketball in front of her,
but then he said my favorite thing:
He said she's coachable.  
He said I can call her over and tell her to make an adjustment or correction, 
and she actually does it.  She's very coachable.
Listen, I do not care what kind of natural talent she has,
or how hard she hustles or how many points she puts up in a game -
being coachable matters to me so much more than any of that!
We were really, really proud.

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