Saturday, December 24, 2016

Round here

The kids have daily chores to do simply because they are a part of our family.
On breaks from school, though, I offer up an "Optional Chores" list with extra projects and chores they can do to earn money.  This past week, some of the items on the list have been things like wash the inside and outside of all the windows, sweep the driveway and sidewalk, wipe down the baseboards, clean out the pantry, etc.  

We had our annual cookie baking day this past week!

Tucker lasted for about 10 minutes in the kitchen,
and then we spotted him laying on the couch.
He called to us in the kitchen:
I think it works like this:
the girls stay in the kitchen and bake the cookies,
and the boys hang out and eat the cookies.

Lana then told him the story of The Little Red Hen
He got the message, and joined in the baking!  :)
Here are the recipes for Christmas Cookies 2016.

Thanks to an unbelievably thoughtful and caring friend,
my Christmas dinner is already prepared and ready to go.
I'll get to enjoy Christmas day with my family, 
not spend it in the kitchen.
This is the 3rd year she has blessed me this way,
and it is quite possibly one of the kindest, 
most thoughtful things anyone has ever done for my family.

Lana and I snuck away one night to my friend Cathy's house for a night of crafting.
Cathy is MRS. CRAFTY, and so incredibly hospitable...
we spent a delightful evening together eating and talking and crafting,
and before we knew it, it was almost 11 p.m.!

Look at this adorable Davis snowman family Lana and I made!
I am so happy to have a daughter to take with me to things like this,
and she's such a joy to be around.  What a blessing my girl is to me.

My friend Mary organizes an annual trip to a retirement home in our town for the kids to sing Christmas carols.  It's one of our favorite traditions.

Silent Night
My favorite is the sweet man directing the music.

I love being their mama!

Running errands with the 2 big kids -
I love their personalities!

The kids and I love the library, 
and it's always such a treat during school breaks or weekends to get to browse at our leisure and check out armloads of books.  Tucker always sits with these guys while I check out, ha!

I forgot to kennel Pepper before we left the house one day,
so she was outside all day long.
She is SO not an outside dog,
and as soon as we let her in,
she climbed right up on the sofa and stayed like this the rest of the night.

Early morning haircuts aren't such a chore when the barber shop has chocolate donuts waiting:

Tucker & Daddy have a secret handshake.  Shhhh, don't tell anyone.

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