Monday, December 19, 2016

Round here

I snapped this picture of my precious buddies heading into worship one morning, and then our pastor preached on unity among the believers.  Children get it right so much more often than adults.

Lana was coloring with oil pastels, and Tucker joined her.
She painted a beautiful rainbow on cardstock.
He painted his hands.

Lana needed a new dress for Christmas,
but oh how I DREAD shopping.
Aunt April to the rescue!
I am SO thankful to have one of my dearest friends living here in Pensacola for many many reasons, but things like this top the list.  And not just because I didn't have to go shopping (although that factors in), but even more because my daughter has the great privilege of April speaking in to her life, earning a place of trust and confidence, having access to her godly wisdom.  It's one of the kindest gifts the Lord has ever given our family.

Lana's class wrote "5 Senses" poems last week - 
I LOVE this one Lana wrote about Mrs. Skaggs!

I told my children I needed to clip their fingernails one evening,
and when I came back from getting this clippers this is what I found.
They are so cooperative about almost everything,
but fingernail clipping kills them!

"Hey mom, this sleepy oil works so good!  I think I'm going to make it into a spray to attack bad guys.  It'll put them right to sleep and we can just capture them."

I have been eyeing pink himalayan salt lamps for a year,
so when I found them on sale, I bought one for each bedroom!
You can read about the benefits here.
It's so hard to tell if things like this are "working,"
but I'll tell you this:
all of us have been snotty and junky and stuffed up for weeks now.  WEEKS.  Within 48 hours of plugging these in, all of us are more clear than we've been since October!

We went to the Bethlehem experience at St. Luke's again this year,
and enjoyed it as always!

I've been running a fun series in my oil education group -
if you would have told me 3 years ago that I'd be considered "crunchy,"
I would have laughed!  It's crazy, but I absolutely love finding natural ways to help my family, and to teach others to do the same.

Last week, a family at Hillcrest hosted the operational staff for a Christmas celebration at their home, and it was such a wonderful night!  It's an honor to do ministry alongside these.

I was working in my office,
and Tucker came in and settled down to read a book, saying
Comfy shirt, soft pants, pillows for my head and feet, and good books about the weather.  
This is the good life!
He is so much like his mama!

mama's boy all the way

our annual hot chocolate and Christmas lights night

I love this art project I did with my firsties last week!

My friend Katie & I do oil classes at Lipcomb from time to time -
she is such a fun oil biz partner!

I enjoy the days I get to work from home,
especially with this cute companion at my feet.

We are enjoying our daily advent readings and wreath that go right along with our Jesse tree ornaments.  We are often behind a day or two, and face interruptions and distractions of all kinds as we read, but we don't strive for perfection in this....we just fight for our hearts to make much of Jesus during this season.

This guy's silly personality keeps us laughing - 
he feels things big like his mama does,
but he's funny like his daddy.

Lori Hetteen is one of my favorite Instagrammers;
her pen and ink art makes me smile.

What a beautiful thought this is, right?
Our circumstances are not indicative of how much God loves us, 
or of how much we should trust Him.

Colter often dogsits for us while we are away,
and Pepper is obsessed with him.

Precious Susan Walker made this spice cake for us,
and it was almost too beautiful to eat.
Those are real white chocolate curls and edible glitter on the top!
So lovely and even more delicious.

The kids had half days of school last week,
and I treated them to lunch each day after I picked them up.
I LOVE that they chose pho at TuDo one day.

You're looking at 5th grade Spelling Bee champion,
along with her classmate Elijah.
They will compete with 5th graders from the other private schools in our area at the county spelling bee in February.  As I helped her study, there were several words on her list I could not pronounce!

Speaking of Lana, she is SO proud her hands are bigger than mine!
She's nearly as tall as I am, and we wear the same size shoe now.
I will be looking up to this one before I know it!

 She's still enjoying basketball season;
we hit the lottery with her coach!
He teaches them so much, and is so patient and calm.
She has absolutely loved playing for him.

All year long, we save our change in a jar,
and give it to missions in honor of Lottie Moon each Christmas.
It's fun going together and turning the coins into bills the Sunday before we give.

The kids asked if they could use the computer the other day;
Lana has been learning to code at school, and is teaching Tucker.
So cool!

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