Friday, December 23, 2016

Davis family Christmas 2016

Our Davis family Christmas celebration this year was the best one yet!
Dan's sister got married, and Jason and his girls Reagan and Audrey were the missing pieces to our family.  It just felt like we were complete this year!
9 cousins in all = a LOT of fun

When the kids were smaller, we SO wanted them to systematically open their gifts one at a time, so we could see what everyone got, and who it was from.  We made ourselves and each other crazy, so we finally gave in to the total chaos.

If you ask Lana what her favorite traditions are, opening gifts with the cousins will make the top 5.  I love that they are making fun memories like this!

We look over in the midst of the wildness, 
and Tucker is doing this:

Lana knitted this hat for Carson herself!

Such happy faces!

 Lana is the oldest granddaughter,
and Dan's mom gives her a piece of her jewelry every year.
It's a really neat tradition they have together.

 Uncle Bro gives the best hugs!
I wonder if she will be taller than him by next Christmas?!

All the big cousins broke out Jake's new monopoly game.
It lasted all of 5 minutes before they were off to other things!

We all played a little virtual reality:

We let the cousins run wild and play together until after 10 p.m.  
Tucker finally found a good place to rest.
Uncle Bro has been a good snuggling place for Tucker for lots of years:

Finally around 11 p.m., we headed to a nearby hotel for a few hours of sleep.
Tucker's head barely hit the pillow before he was asleep.

this little sleeping face melts his mama's heart.

The kids were awake bright and early,
and we headed back to Nana & PawPaw's house.
Tucker went straight to the favorite swing on the back deck:

One last Christmas gift:
Nana took all 9 cousins to see the movie Sing.
Icees, candy, and popcorn for all - they were in heaven!

It took several vehicles to get them all there,
and we got these 2 buddies in the car with us:

 I love this herd of kiddos!

While they were at the movies,
the parents (minus the working ones) walked around the Wharf,
enjoying time to sit and talk.
Such a rare treat!

 Ferris wheel ride after the movie!

 We played some darts, ate some seafood,
and headed back to Pensacola with a full trunk, full bellies, and a full heart!

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