Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve 2016

What a precious treasure to have our beloved Scotts here for Christmas this year!
We began our new tradition of exchanging gifts and then going to Waffle House for brunch together.

 We had so much fun opening presents that we didn't take many pictures.
This one kind of says it all.
Tucker got Pie Face, and it was obviously a hit.

These 4 kiddos have my heart...
they make me laugh non-stop when they are together!

Uncle Dustin & Aunt April thrilled my children's hearts (and mine!) when they loaded them up to go to their house to play for the afternoon:

Later that afternoon, we all got cleaned up and converged again at the church for our candlelight Christmas Eve service:

Here's one with a photobomber:

This is arguably my favorite worship service of the entire year,
maybe topped only by getting to worship together again tomorrow morning on Christmas Day.

Our whole pew was filled with #framily - 
I surely do love my church.

Accidentally twinning!!
My fashion goal in life is to be as lovely and put-together as my precious friend is inside and out, so I know I'm on the right track when I show up looking just like her.  :)

Just because these are too good not to share,
here are the outtakes from trying to get a group shot:
Bahahahaha - I love raising our children in a herd together.
I love that our children are often spread out down our pew, sitting all mixed up together. 
I love that people mistake April and I for sisters.
I love that our children would gladly go live with the other set of parents.
I love that our kids play together so, so well that having them together makes parenting easier, not harder.  
I love that these people have seen us at our worst, and still love us.
Sitting side-by-side on the pew, serving shoulder to shoulder in our church: well, it's a dream come true, and makes this Christmas Eve even sweeter than I ever thought possible.

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