Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas 2016

Merry Christmas!

What a wonderful Christmas morning!

The kids had both outgrown their bikes,
so they each got a new one as their "Need."

Each person in our famil gets 
Something you want, something you need,
something to wear, and something to read
For us, it has simplified the holiday,
and allows us to make really meaningful gift choices.
The first year it felt weird to have a limited number of gifts,
but each year we love it more.

Stockings are maybe my favorite part of gift giving!
I always overbuy and cram them full and have to put things on the mantel...
I just love all the little gifts!

 Pepper was the first one up this morning, ready to open her gifts!

We had to buy Lana a women's bike this year - 
her legs are so long!

Before they unwrapped the rest, 
they wanted to do stockings!

 Tucker loves Adventure in Odyssey audio books!

Lana's stocking was packed full of glasses.
It's so fun to have choices!

The bedtime passes were a hit, too!

Next they opened their something you want.
Tucker has been asking and asking for a telescope!

 Lana got looms and a big box full of different kinds of yarn.

Pepper was quite interested in everyone's gifts:

Tucker was excited to about his something to wear:
He's a shoe guy like his dad!

 The kids went it together and bought Dan a gift with their own money.

 He's wanted this game for months!

Daddy's something you want: an apple watch!

We snuck in an extra "family" gift this year: a Nintendo Classic!

It's so fun to watch the kids play games we used to:

 We gave and received so many wonderful things,
and with joyful hearts we joined our church family for worship.

I absolutely loved worshipping corporately on Christmas morning - 
I wish we did it every Christmas morning, no matter the day of the week.
What better way to celebrate the coming of our King?!
Just walking in the sanctuary brought tears to my eyes.

 Tucker was engrossed in his something to readThe Action Bible.
He's been so into comics and graphic novels lately -
this was perfect for him.

We had a wonderful afternoon,
and took zero pictures.

There was a huge, delicious meal;
playing with our favorite things;
time for a nap;
bike riding with our besties;
cashing in on Bedtime Coupons to stay up late together.

What a merry, merry Christmas!

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