Thursday, November 10, 2016

Self care.

Yesterday was a sad day on social media.
There were verbal bludgeonings from both sides of the political aisle,
some of them from people I really like and admire.
It was hard to read, and very disheartening.
I cried off and on all day.

So today I dedicated to self care.
I didn't look at social media all day.
I tucked in really tight to my family and closest friends.
I diffused my favorite combinations of happy oils.
I washed all my favorite throw blankets and made them smell so cozy.
I bought a shirt at Target just because it made me laugh.
I drank a huge cup of coffee and played a new board game with my favorite person.
I wore leggings all day.
I read my Bible, and good books.
I took a really long nap.
I finished a novel.
I got a fun oil shirt in the mail that made me smile.
I went on a date with Dan, and we sat outside overlooking the water.
I ate the Grits a YaYa, and left a really large tip.
I ate the dessert, and hugged the babies tight, and just took time to breathe.
I sat on our friends' couch for a while.  It was peaceful there.
I remembered that it is well with my soul,
and that kindness and gentleness and forgiveness and compassion in the name of Jesus is the way I can fight back against the arrogance and hate and callousness and anger.
I can do it because I tell my children "we can do hard things."

This is a hard week for many of us.
Take a little time for self care.
It is well with your soul.

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