Friday, November 18, 2016

Round here

Dan and I both have Fridays off work.
As it turns out, we often have something going on at the kids' school,
or something that has to be taken care of,
but once a month or so, we'll get a true date day.
The first Friday in November was all ours,
and we got to spend it at the beach!
It was warm and beautiful and
made me ever so glad to live in Florida.

We are still loving our basketball Saturday mornings.
We see improvement in the kids' skills each week,
and even better: 
they both end up outside shooting baskets every day in their free time.
They're loving it and that makes me so happy!

Katie and Colter are literally the best....
for someone to love me, that's wonderful...
but to love my children
and to get up early on a Saturday morning to come cheer them on,
well - that's a different level entirely.
I'll never get over it.

I LOVE these 2 buddies.
It makes my heart so happy to know that they'll grow up together.

This guy.  
He's such a cuddle bug, and Uncle Dustin & Aunt April eat it up!

Speaking of basketball....
we were on the way home from their game last week, 
and we were talking with the kids about what they did great at, 
and what areas they could work on improving. 
Lana said "Um, mom, maybe you could work on improving your yelling from the bleachers." 
They both then informed me that yelling when they do something good is acceptable, 
but yelling encouraging, helpful directions like "Get on defense!" or "Get open!" or "Rebound!" 
or "In your face!!" is NOT acceptable. 
They ganged up on me to agree that this sort of thing is better left to the coaches. 
Apparently yelling at the officials is frowned upon by the two littlest members of Team Davis, as well. 
I will try to do better next week, you little tyrants. 
It may require medication, but I will try.

Tucker doesn't just love to play by himself.
Maybe it's because he's always had a big sister to entertain him,
but he's just kind of at loose ends when she's not available.
The other day he asked if he could play in the hose,
and played outside contentedly by himself for a long time.
This is what I found him doing:

Dan and Lana.
What a pair they are!
I love these 2 pictures I snagged of them last week,
working side by side in the office,
and watching the Alabama game together later that night.
They are two peas in a pod.

In the past few days,
Pepper's eyesight has worsened again.
It's so very bizarre to us that we can't figure out what triggers it.
At this point, we're just hopeful it will stop bothering her soon.

AL vs. LSU
When he gets really quiet, it's a bad sign.

"Hey, mom, I know what a burp is. 
Your breath makes a commotion with your spit and it just comes out."

This is the text Dan sent me after he let our children watch this video.
Needless to say, he was on duty that night when kids woke up with nightmares.

How could you NOT join?! 
I love watching his little eyes and facial expressions.
He was SO excited to get his first delivery of books to be repaired:

He's not always that serious.
He's got great jokes, too.

The battery in the Jetta died on me unexpectedly.
I'm so thankful we were close to the church,
and that Dan would drop everything and come rescue us!

I caught this picture of Marek & Tucker a few Sundays ago....
are you kidding me?!
I can only pray that this is a picture that will mark their friendship!
P.S.  How about a pew full of my favorites in all the world?
I can't get over the goodness in this.

Election Day was not my favorite,
and there was no joy in the vote for me.
Running into some of our favorites at the polls was just what I needed!

My poor little buddy fell down at school last week,
and didn't realize he had fallen into a pile of ants.
He just lay on the ground for a a few seconds...
long enough for them to eat him up.

He is mildly to moderately allergic,
so by bedtime that night, the bites were hot to the touch, swollen, and blistered.
He cried out every few hours that night,
not even awake, but crying real tears.
I'm so thankful I had my oils!
I applied frankincense, and layered copaiba on top.
Before I could finish rubbing it on each time,
he would be calm and snoring again,
with enough relief to sleep for a few more hours.

It looked so much better, just 24 hours later!

When you are not a shopper, and God moves your best friend to the same town you live in, and she's more than willing to take your preteen dress shopping....
All joking aside, it's no small thing to me that my dearest friend adores my daughter.  Lana's love language is quality time and words of affirmation, and her Aunt April fills her up with those.  Every time Lana comes home from being with them, she's grinning from ear to can just see her little heart is full.  And there is nothing, nothing, nothing sweeter to a mama than that.

Speaking of my precious daughter, 
she's been memorizing a portion of Matthew 6 at school.
Listen to her recite it: click here.

This shirt makes me so happy!
I have an online educational group for my personal oil users,
and it's called Oil Up, Buttercup!

One of our most beloved November traditions is our Thankful tree:

I came across these pictures of the children when they were small,
and it took my breath away.
This is all going so, so fast.
Also - can't you just see their personalities?!

This little curly girl has always brought me such joy.

She's not quite so little anymore.
It's so sweet how she and Pepper are such good buddies.
They always know where each other are.

 And if Lana isn't home, I'll quite often find Pepper in her bed.

This year in Bible Study Fellowship, we are studying John.
I am so thankful for the solid Biblical teaching from Linda, week after week.
If you are looking for a rich, theologically sound study, BSF has a place for you!
We have a "Welcome Week" the first Wednesday morning of each month,
and I'd love for you to be my guest.

Thanks to so many of you who gave so sweetly to my kiddos' fundraiser, 
they met their goals and got to go to SkyZone as a reward!
Team Davis' biggest kid of all met them there for a bit of fun.

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