Thursday, November 3, 2016

Round here

Dr. Moore posted this a few weeks ago;
I loved the reminder of how believers can and should be reconciled.
Lots of grace in these verses.

Lana's class pumpkin project

In 5th grade, girls have the choice to cheer or play on the co-ed basketball team.  It was a bit of an agonizing decision for her, but she finally settled on basketball.
(We have to regularly remind her that she doesn't have to say yes to everything; she should do the things that make her say "Heck yes!")
As soon as she made the decision, she began practicing.
Even early in the morning before school, 
we can often find her outside shooting hoops.
I love it!

I peeked in her first practice, and she was working so hard.
She's not the very best, but she's surely focused, which I love!
I was very impressed with their coach, a dad of 2 boys on the team.
He is excellent, and not just in skills, but also in how he talks to the players.

Tucker is playing with Upward, too,
and his daddy and Mr. Eric are coaching his team:

Sometimes when Mom and Dad are both busy,
but you need to study your vocab,
you enlist your little brother.  He only had trouble pronouncing a few words!

Lana is in the 4th-6th grade Girls Chorus this year.
They had their first performance at Olive Baptist's fall festival,
and were absolutely wonderful.

We have a crew of college students who come over on Sunday nights to watch Walking Dead with us.  Katie said a long time ago that Pepper was ugly - now look at her!

 Hollis + Marek + Lana + Tucker have decided we are "Team Davott."
YES!!  I love it, and I love their little creative minds.

 Pepper's eyesight is holding is her weight and activity level.
I love having a lazy dog!!  It's exactly what I always wanted.

She's also kind of bad, though:

I picked the kids up from school earlier this week,
and Lana was bursting at the seams to show me the hat she knitted herself in art,
and Tucker was covered in dirt from rolling around in the grass with a friend,
and I was just overwhelmed with gratitude that my children are at a school that values simplicity and providing opportunities for children to learn through experience.  We don't have to teach children how to use technology; it's far more important to teach them how to learn without being plugged in, and that's what I see going on in my children's day.  It's worth every sacrifice to pay the tuition.

BSF is in full swing, and my heart is full each week as we meet at Hillcrest and sing hymns together.  I love hymns so much, especially singing them out of a hymnal.

Absolutely in love with this door hanger my dear April gave us!

My friend Cathy Perry helped us organize all the crafts that we did with the women in Jordan at the AWT conference.  One of the things she taught us to do with them was make little origami boxes.  I remembered enough of it to teach Lana one night, and she loved it!

Trying on Halloween costumes with Tucker last week - 
he was not impressed with this one!  I loved it!

He is so proud that he can make peanut butter toast,
and if you even LOOK like you're hungry,
he's headed to the kitchen!

He's getting so big, so fast...there's very little tiny boy left in him,
so I treasure it when I find it.
One morning this week, he asked "Mom, will you ravel me up in my blanket?"
It made perfect sense to him.  
He wanted me to wrap him up,
but he knows to use the word UNravel, so ravel was the logical opposite.
I absolutely adored it, and ravelled him right up.

My favorite songs in the world:

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