Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Day 3: Orbix Hot Glass and Eberhart Trail

This little cutie could hardly wait to get dressed every morning
and take something out to feed the animals.
It won't surprise me at all if this one has a big working farm one day!

Up next: the morning 4-wheeler ride!
They are so blessed to have such a hands-on daddy.

I absolutely adore this picture of my two loves.
They make me so proud to be their mom.

After breakfast, we headed to a little treasure we read about on TripAdvisor:
It's a little glass studio tucked way back in the hills of Alabama,
but it's earned international renown, won prestigious awards, 
and been featured in museums and magazines all over the country!

It was a very quiet day in the studio; 
they were running a skeleton crew,
and we were the only customers when we first arrived.
We got to watch them finish blowing a beautiful piece!

They offer a fun opportunity to blow your own glass Christmas ornament -
how could we not?!

The kids each chose 2 colors for their ornament

and Tucker could hardly wait to go first!

It was super cool to watch the process of blowing glass up close!

He found a little friend to pet while he waited on Lana.
It was SO FUNNY - he had to stay behind that yellow line,
and it's almost like the cat knew that.
She settled herself squarely on the other side of the line,
where he could pet her but not grab her.

Lana's turn!

This guy was GREAT with the kids!
If you are ever near Orbix,
it's definitely worth the stop to check them out!

After we finished their ornaments and left them to cool in the freezer,
we went in search of more trails to hike.

This picture makes my eyes well up with tears.
I can just see her future stretching out before her...
what will she do?  where will she go?
I have no doubt in my mind that God has big plans for this one.

We found another trail in Little River Canyon called Eberhart.
It's described as "arduous and steep,"
and people were heading onto the trail in perfect hiking outfits,
carrying store-bought hiking sticks/spears/Idon'tknow.
We decided that we'd give it a try and see how far we could make it.

The last thing I said before we headed down was
I'm not sure we have the right footwear for this trail.
You'll see soon why that is hilarious and prophetic!

The foliage was so beautiful!

"arduous and steep"

Tucker loved this tree!

This trail looked like something out of a movie.
It was perfectly quiet and serene...worshipful, really.

well, quiet and serene until Team Davis arrives!

We finally made our way to the bottom,
where there is usually a rushing river.
It was all dried up from the drought and 
a perfect dream for my little rock-climber adventurers.

Once this girl sets her sights on climbing something,
there's no stopping her...and little brother was hot on her heels.

I love to see her in her element like this.
We did have to stop her and have a conversation 
about how being adventurous without being smart about it is foolish,
and that she needs to be both.  Bless.

Tucker followed her for a bit,
and then found something better to do.  Ha!

Beautiful scenery for a rest, I have to admit!

Dan and his sidekick.
These two are similar in so many ways.

We spent hours down in the riverbed, 
just scaling rocks and exploring.
We were all so content!

Tucker is normally pretty cautious,
so it was really cool to see him clambering all over the big rocks.
He wanted to show us the part he was most proud of: watch here.

My beauty.
A decade old.
She takes my breath away
with her wildness.

I hope we're still hiking together 20 years from now.

The sun started getting low,
and we knew we needed to make the hike back up before it got dark.

As I was making a big step,
THIS happened:
Remember my famous last words:
I'm not sure we have the right footwear for this trail.
I guess I was right!
Thankfully, Dan is my personal McGyver 
and used my shoelace to tie the shoe around my foot.
What would I do without him?!

OK, another hilarious moment!
We stopped at this beautiful overlook on our way back up,
and I had them let me take a quick picture.

We laughed and laughed when we pulled these up to look at them!

Almost there....


We headed back to the cabin for dinner,
and while I was cooking, the kids played outside.

When you're from Florida, 
there's just something really special about raking up a big leaf pile!

I wish I had taken more pictures of our nighttime fun.
We played so many hours of board games,
had cookies and milk every single night,
and did fun things like this:

There was no internet or cell phone signal at ALL at the cabin,
and it was such a joy to have no distractions at all from being together.

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