Monday, November 21, 2016

Day 2: Downtown Fort Payne and Little River Canyon

The next morning, we slept in, enjoyed a lazy breakfast & cartoons,
and then headed down to check out cute little downtown Fort Payne.
It's the epitome of a quaint little rural town,
and then right on the corner is a coffee shop called The Spot.
It is very hipster and cool - 
could totally be a hit in downtown Pensacola, too!

Tucker loved snuggling on this fun couch while we waited on our food.

such a great vibe.

After a yummy lunch,
we headed out to do some hiking.
It's one of our favorite things to do as a family!

Little River Canyon Center!

The area, like many in the country, is experiencing a severe drought.
This canyon usually has lots of water, including a waterfall,
but is completely dry right now.
The park ranger told us that it's the first time the falls have been dried up since the 50's.

We were bummed to not see the waterfall,
but it's a pretty historic and breathtaking thing to see with our own eyes.

Click here to see what it normally looks like!

We headed down the trail to the bottom of the canyon.
The kids loved climbing on all the big rocks along the way.

The hike was so lovely; 
we stopped several times along the way to just breathe and take it in.

We made it to the bottom of the canyon!
This is usually covered with rushing, running water,
but there were only small pools that were almost dried up.
We were literally walking and climbing on the bottom of the river!

Here we see a Lana in her natural habitat.  :)
We could barely get her to slow down so we could keep her in eyesight.
She's an outdoorsy type, for sure.

This little guy is our cautious one, 
but he had a great time climbing along after big sister,
doing things and taking risks that happily surprised us!

This old log on the bottom of the canyon was a natural see-saw!

It was an absolutely perfect day for hiking!
The weather was just right - not too hot, not too cold,
and it was sunny the whole time.

I love my people.

I've never really wanted a selfie stick before,
but today might have been a good day to have one.
Lana did pretty good getting some of the scenery in this one!

We had to pay pretty close attention to the time 
and allow ourselves enough daylight to hike out of the canyon.
I wouldn't want to be stuck down there in the dark!

The late afternoon sunlight through the trees was so peaceful!

It's amazing how being outdoors is just good for the soul.
I loved how silly these two were being!

When we made it out of the canyon,
we all cracked up to see all the things Tucker had collected along the way.
His little pockets were full.

Everyone is worn out in the best way possible and ready for rest tonight!

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