Sunday, November 20, 2016

Day 1: Welcome to Fort Payne!

These Floridians were thrilled to see the beautiful colors still on the trees!

Mandatory stop for lunch at Cracker Barrel.  

Root beer in frosted glasses - so fun!

Tucker says "Look, I'm drinking my root beer like a man!"

More "manly" activity: an after-lunch toothpick.

Hello, Fort Payne!

Precious church members so generously offered us the use of their cabin for a week.  It is the most perfect little get-a-way!  It's tucked back in the woods, and feels like it is in the middle of nowhere, but it's about 10 minutes from cute little downtown Fort Payne, 15 minutes from Walmart, and 15 minutes from miles and miles of beautiful hiking trails.  The cabin itself is the perfect size for our family, and is lovelier than any we've ever stayed in!  We are so, so grateful for their generous gift!

There were leaves on the porch that made my babies so happy
before we even got in the door.

We weren't quite as excited about the snake skin we found on the porch.  
Definitely in the country now!

The neighbors have some animals that they told us we could feed - 
the kids could hardly wait to get out there and meet them!

OK, Dan & I were pretty excited about it, too!

Lana was a bit nervous about feeding the horse, so Dan helped her:

this look on her face makes my heart burst!
She's growing up so fast, 
but sometimes I get a glimpse of the little girl still in her,
and I can hardly bear the love I have for her.

He is so allergic to these things.

Our hosts graciously gave us permission to use their fun toy: a four wheeler!
Dan took the kids on rides every day.
I don't know if it's motherhood or getting older,
but my nerves can't handle it anymore with Dan at the wheel.
He goes too fast!
I can't even watch him when he takes the kids.

It was chilly, so as soon as it got near dusk,
we all cuddled up inside and relaxed.
Perfect ending to the day!

Bedtime reading is even more fun tucked in the corner of a loft!
Oh, how I love these littles of mine.

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