Thursday, November 24, 2016

Day 5: Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Day was dedicated to laziness.
The Macy's Day parade on TV, 
cooking a delicious meal,
and just being together.

After a lazy morning, a yummy meal, and the obligatory Thanksgiving-Day nap,
we found a tiny little theater for our annual Thanksgiving evening movie.

Our cup overflows.
We have so, so much to be thankful for.

Here are the kids' thank you notes to our friends who so generously shared their cabin:

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Day 4: Downtown Chatty

Fort Payne is about an hour outside of Chattanooga, TN,
so we decided to head into the city to check it out today.

Lana and Tucker both wanted to go the aquarium downtown,
and we are SO glad we did!  It's spectacular!

Oh man, this one surely impressed us with his bravery this week!
He has NEVER EVER participated in a touch tank until today.

There weren't very many other people standing around,
and so we just took our time and let him talk to the lady there,
and he did it!

This aquarium was really beautiful.
We made it just in time for a scuba diver presentation in the shark tank.

Then we checked out some underwater activity ourselves:

I really love the jellyfish.
There's something so peaceful to me about watching them in tanks.

We loved seeing this little creature camouflage himself!

They have 2 octopuses,
and one was really active today!
It was amazing to watch him suction himself all over his tank...
what a magnificent creation.

The penguins are always Team Davis fave,
and we can't help but take selfies with the little guys.
It's our favorite.

We spent longer in the butterfly house than we did anywhere else!

From the moment we walked in,
Tucker wanted one to land on his finger.

These big guys were so friendly!



This was one of our favorite kinds!
The bright green wings were just gorgeous.

Just as we were leaving, a little butterfly landed on him.
It made him so happy!

These were the 2 kinds we loved the most:

We hadn't made it halfway through the aquarium and we were starving,
so we took a quick break to go find some lunch.

We walked several blocks to eat at the famous Community Pie.

Dough to play with. Play-dough.

We learned about the different ways to eat NY style pizza:

There were a couple of mishaps with our order and the service,
so the manager treated us to their homemade gelato, on the house.
SUPERB gelato, pizza, AND service!

Oh wait....Lana needs to pull a tooth real quick before we leave.
She's so funny!

We made our way back to the aquarium to see the rest.

This turtle feeding was arguably our favorite part of the aquarium!

Really, the whole place was wonderful,
and we could have spent hours more there.
My pictures don't do it justice.

What a fun city, and we didn't even see a fraction of it!
We'll be back, Chattanooga!