Saturday, October 22, 2016

Wednesday, October 12

It was an absolute HONOR to join our very own Pensacolian Jeff Pribble at the Bethlehem Evangelical Academy for the day.  We were able to spend some time with the students singing together, teaching a lesson, and doing a craft, as well as enjoy a tour of the school and have the opportunity to learn about the ministry happening there.

It was such a testament to our team at how everything came together that day.  There were several moving parts and pieces, and everyone just did what needed to be done with such joyful hearts.  My favorite part was the men working feverishly to get the craft set up in the cafeteria!

Here's Mallori leading worship - she's so fantastic.

I LOVED being with those kiddos!

This precious group of 5th grade girls invited me to their lunch table;
it made me miss my Lana beyond belief.  She would fit right in with these sweet ones!

Steve was so fantastic playing with those kids - 
they would have run and jumped and hung on him all day if he could!

The children really adored Tom, too -
they couldn't get enough of him!
He eventually ended up going back to class with them!  Ha!

After the children went back to class,
it was time for our tour of the school facilities:

I loved these reminders I spotted as we walked around- 
the same things I want for my students in the states!

Oh bless.  
Middle schoolers are middle schoolers, no matter the geography.

From the roof of BEA,
overlooking the olive groves on the school's land.
The hope is to one day use this as a source of funding for the school.

It was a breathtaking view of Bethlehem.

After we finished at the school,
Elias (our guide) took us to The Grotto for a late lunch.
Without a DOUBT, the most delicious food I put in my mouth the entire trip.
No comparison.

We made a stop by the Church of the Nativity, a church build over the cave where people of all faiths believe was the birthplace of Jesus.  It was so hard to know what to do in this picture: it's a very reverent place: do you smile?  Look serious?  I went with smiling because: baby Jesus!

Elias took us for a treat at a friend's gelatto shop.  So beautiful!

Katie Barker sent me with an envelope to open each day.
What an AMAZING surprise to find notes from my littles in 2 of the envelopes!!

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