Saturday, October 22, 2016

Sunday, October 16

Our original itinerary for this day was to tour Petra.
We would leave at 7 a.m., return around 7 p.m.,
with a 4 hour drive each way.
Then we would shower, eat, and head to the airport.

We all desperately wanted to visit Petra, but were so exhausted that we couldn't even think straight.  Mentally, physically, spiritually: we were just tired.
So when Tom presented the option of a rest day before we traveled back home,
not one person dissented.

We slept in, enjoyed a delicious breakfast (pancakes!  fruit!  coffee!),
and enjoyed the Dead Sea.
It was arguably my very favorite place we visited,
and I just relished the time in it again!
Each time we went in, I was the last to get out and had to be coerced.
I keep saying this, but that body of water just resonated with my soul.

We spent the day floating and laughing and talking and trying to process what we had done and seen.

I don't know how well you can see it, but this is the salt on my leg after getting out.
It looks like powder or sand, but it's not.  Pure salt.

Elaine and Tom and I were the last ones in -
everyone else had showered and dressed for dinner.
We finally drug ourselves out to prepare for the trip home.

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