Saturday, October 22, 2016

Saturday, October 8 and Sunday October 9

About 6 months ago, a friend whom I deeply respect and admire approached me after our morning worship service, and said "I need to tell you something.  God's preparing you for something big.  I don't want to say any more than that, and I don't know exactly what, but I dreamed last night, and there's something coming."

Of course, I began to pray and rack my brain.
Was it time for us to adopt?
Did God want me to homeschool?
Was it time for us to launch a Hillcrest small group?
How big are we talking here, God?

Clearly my little pea brain could only push the limits so far,
so I made a note in my journal and just kept praying about it.

A few months later, during the summertime,
one of Dan's Connect groups invited our family to join them for a Saturday crawfish boil.  Team Davis never says no to crawfish, nor this wonderful group of people, so we happily joined them for the afternoon.

I ended up sitting around a table full of precious women, and they were all talking about the mission trips they were taking with our church during the summer.  I absolutely loved hearing about them, but there was not a twinge of envy in my heart.

Until my friend Elaine spoke up....
she quietly pulled her chair close to mine and told me that she was going to Jordan and Israel, and wondered if I would be interested if there was a spot for me.

If you are a believer, you know there are moments when the Spirit within you just confirms something very clearly, and that's what happened.

Almost before she could finish speaking, I said "YES!"

She was shocked.
I don't leave my children often.
Never overnight.
She didn't think for a second that I would say yes,
but the Spirit within me answered for me.
I didn't even need to talk with Dan.
It was a YES.

There are a million other pieces to this story.....
little details:
like Dan having NO hesitation and sending me with complete joy,
and friends cooking for my family every night while I was away,
 and the perfect sub being available for my class....

and big details:
like how God provided for this trip financially,
beyond my wildest imagination,
and the BIG THING that God was doing in my heart through this trip.

It was such a GIFT to go on this trip,
and while the days leading up to it were frantic and sometimes stressful,
arriving at the airport made me GIDDY.

Colter and Katie
brought over this unbelievable box full of love before I left.
I can't even.

Here's our precious pastor, come to pray with us before we board:

Oh, how I love this team of 12!
Such a wide variety of ages and walks of life and personalities and giftings....
just the neatest little conglomeration of a team.
God surely assembled it.

We left Pensacola around 3 p.m. on Saturday,
flew to Atlanta,
then from Atlanta to Paris,

and arrived in Tel Aviv at 7 p.m. on Sunday.

Unfortunately, we realized upon arrival in Tel Aviv that our luggage had NOT all arrived.
4 team members were missing personal pieces of luggage,
and we were missing 2 suitcases of things we needed for the projects we were doing with BEA and AWT.  It was quite a process to determine where and how the luggage might be, and make arrangements to be notified when it arrived.
Because we were staying in the West Bank, the airline would/could not deliver it to us,
and that was just the beginning of the luggage fiasco.

No matter: I had taken the team leader's advice to fill my carry-on with essentials, so I had clean underwear and a few changes of clothes and makeup, so all was well.
We finally got our claim tickets and headed to our home for the night, the National Hotel in Jerusalem.

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