Saturday, October 22, 2016

Monday, October 17

After we showered and ate dinner, we headed for the airport to catch our 1 a.m. flight from Amman to Paris, then Paris to Atlanta, and Atlanta to Pensacola, with a few layovers thrown in between for good measure.

By the time we arrived at PNS, 
we had been awake for 40-ish hours, with only a few catnaps here and there.

I was running on pure adrenaline,
and this picture that Dan caught of me holding my babies in my arms
for the first time captures all my feels.
I love the Middle East, and the people there.
I love the Dead Sea and the Garden Tomb 
and the pomegranate juice and the schawarma.
I love it all,
but absolutely nothing compares to being where these 2 and their daddy are.

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