Saturday, October 22, 2016

Meanwhile, back home:

I would occasionally get texts from my precious friend April, 
showing me all the love they were lavishing on my babies,
reassuring me that they were walking through these days without mama well.

Listen, I know there are a thousand reasons God brought Dustin and April and Hollis and Marek to Pensacola, and probably 1 have to do with us.  However, I am so unbelievably thankful to Him for causing their move date to be exactly 1 week before I left the country.

It brought unspeakable peace to my heart to know that they love my children like Dan and I do, and were close by in case they needed anything....or even if they didn't!

Snowcones and pumpkin picking and painting and dinners together....
knowing my babies are being loved wildly by their daddy and their Uncle Dustin & Aunt April....
what an unbelievable blessing.

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