Saturday, October 22, 2016

Friday, October 14

We enjoyed our time at the conference with Arab Woman Today so much,
and while there is much I can't share, here are a few of the highlights.

I was honored to lead a short devotional this morning.
(Shorter than I thought.  I didn't originally account for a translator.  Oops!)
The conference theme was "Change," so I taught from Jesus' first miracle, changing water to wine.

It was so beautiful to worship with sisters from the Middle East.
Listening to them made me think of all the tribes and tongues and nations that will be seated around the Throne in heaven!

Teaching from the conference speaker:

A gift of pistachio candy from an Iraqui sister.

After the conference was over,
we enjoyed a beautiful dinner overlooking Amman.
I'm not sure if you can see the green lights shining across the city,
but each green light is atop a mosque.

I got to Facetime with these precious faces today, too!  
No matter where in the world I am,
my heart is where they are.

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