Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween 2016

The Halloween celebration started with joining our Spanish Trail church campus for Rock the Block on Saturday afternoon, with our dear friends the Inacios:

There were exactly 1.2 million people there,
so I had to apply liberal amounts of Stress Away, but the kiddos had a great time

and I got to see Colonel Sanders!

All 4 of our cuties left with fish,
which is all they really wanted besides a little candy.

I'm happy to report, ours are still alive and well in their flower vase.

Tonight, we continued the fun!  We got to spend the evening 
eating dinner and Trick-or-Treating with the Scott family!

I love Marek's pre-game song:

I wish we had taken a picture of the moms and kids piled in the back of Dustin's pick-up truck.  It was so fun and sweet!  We made the rounds of our neighborhood, and then went down the hill to another neighborhood where lots of our friends live.  

We got about 1/3 of the way through that one, and their buckets were full to the brim!
Back home we went for the infamous rounds of candy trading:

Lana did such a good job with the sign we left out on the front porch with our candy!

We had a wonderful night with "Team Davott" as the kids call us. 
We laughed until we cried,
and made tons of memories.

We are so, so fortunate to have such wonderful friends,
who are quite a lot like family!

Saturday, October 29, 2016

First basketball games of the season!

The kids both played their first basketball game of the season today!
Tucker was up first:

I love this picture of Tucker, dead center, and Dan coaching off near the bench.

Team Wildcats!

Lana's game was next.

I can't even tell you when I've been so nervous.
My stomach was in knots!

You could tell she was nervous right at tip-off, as well.
It occurred to me that she's never seen a jump ball or anything like that!
It was a whole new world,
and she's literally the bravest person I know.

Oh how I wish I had it on video,
but this girl scored the first 2 points of the game!
What a feeling!!!

We absolutely think the world of Coach Fergie - 
I love how he took the time to bend down low 
and explain to her what he wanted her to do.

That's my #4!

It was SUCH a close game;
the other team won on the rebounds.
It was a tough loss.

This cheering squad made it SO much better, though!!
Love these 2!

I absolutely adore these little ballers.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Beach getaway

A dear friend blessed us with a night at a hotel on the beach, just this weekend after I returned home.  This isn't something we could do for ourselves right now, 
and the lavish generosity just made it that much sweeter.  

I've been to beaches all over the country (and world!), and I can truly say that we have some of the best right here where we live.

It was a magical 24 hours of Tommy's Snoballs and pool playing and shell hunting and castle building.  We got to watch the sunset and the sun rise, and they were both breathtaking.  There were so many creatures out: everything from butterflies to man-o-wars to sea slugs.

Such a respite for our little fam.

spotted the sea slug: