Wednesday, September 28, 2016

See You at the Pole

This morning was See You at the Pole.
SYATP is an annual September gathering of thousands of Christian students at a flagpole at their local schools for prayer, scripture reading and worship, early in the morning before school starts.

I was at home with a sick Tucker,
but Dan got to take Lana to her first SYATP at Aletheia.

This picture takes my breath away. The woman in the black dress leading the prayer is Lana's teacher, Mrs. Skaggs.  How very thankful I am to have my daughter spending her days with a woman who loves the Lord and lives that out in front of her students.

After they prayed in small groups,
everyone lined the edge of the gym to pray together.
I never thought Christian school was going to be the plan for our children;
it's a good thing God is in charge!
I am so very thankful for Aletheia Christian Academy.

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