Saturday, September 17, 2016

Round here

As I was going through my pictures for this post, it made me smile that a ridiculously large number of them included us with our Pepper.  She brings so much joy to us!

An update on her:
Her vision is not worsening, and we think it might be improving!
The last visit to the doctor was very discouraging; 
they told us we would soon need to have her eyeballs actually removed
to prevent further suffering.
We couldn't do it right away,
and slowly but surely, we think she's doing better.
She definitely isn't doing any worse, 
and we've had no bad bouts with inflammation.
She has even started running around the house again, 
ducking in between chairs,
and we take that as a sign she is seeing something, for sure!
She can't see small things - if we drop a treat, she has to smell for it -
but she can definitely see large things, 
and doesn't act disoriented anymore.
The ONLY thing that has changed is her food!
On a tip from a friend,
we researched all the class action lawsuits going on with dog food.
We had been feeding her Blue Buffalo,
which has pretty clean ingredients,
but do a search: the standards of most dog foods aren't up to par.
So we switched her food to a higher grade,
with very few ingredients and no fillers.
I've read it takes 3-4 months for the toxins to clean out of their system,
and that's about how long it's been!

Our Jordan mission team has been busy raising funds, 
and studying and preparing for our trip.
These two precious people are the way God spoke to me to send me.
I am so thankful for them and their encouragement!
We leave just one month!

Lana snapped this picture of our boys one afternoon...
that bucket in front of Tucker is full of weeds.
He spent some time that day working with his hands 
because he had a hard time at school keeping his hands under control.

Our dear friends the Moores were in town for a visit,
and we got to meet them to play for a few hours!

Lifelong friends, these are.
We love them so much!

A few weekends ago,
there was an explosion at the plant near our house.
We've not given much thought to how close we live to a chemical plant,
until that day.  It was pretty scary.
It turned out that the explosion was nitrous oxide,
so not dangerous....but a man at the factory lost his life that day.

Lana has been asking for a pair of Van's to paint herself,
so she got a pair for her birthday.
One of our former students is an amazing artist,
and she helped her with this creation!

Some weeks Dan works crazy hours and is gone every night of the week.
One night I could not get motivated to cook dinner without him,
so we took board games to Taco Bell for dinner and fun.
SO lazy of me, but what a sweet memory with my kiddos!

Comments like this from my boy's teacher make my day!
We don't expect our kids to be perfect,
(it's why they need Jesus)
but we do expect them to own their mistakes and repent.
I'm so proud to be his mama.
I also love this little song his teacher taught them about interrupting.
She is so wonderful!

I've been working to build my Young Living business for about 3 years,
and I hit the rank of Gold last month!
It's not huge, but it's an accomplishment I worked hard for,
and I'm so proud of.  I have a fantastic team,
and love that educating others about oils has turned into a "job."

Lana is still taking piano from our dear Ms. Bloch.
I love this new song that she's learning.

My sweet mama came to visit for a couple of days - 
we love having her with us!

Tucker may have turned 7,
and gotten brave enough to do things like this,
but that doesn't mean he's too big to want to know
what mama is doing in the bathroom, lol.

We just finished the Mom2Mom consignment sale -
Tucker was thrilled with this find: watch here

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