Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Tucker's wife.

Lana was talking about the kind of house she wanted to live in one day, and Tucker said he and his wife were going to live with her so it should have plenty of rooms.  Then we had this hilarious conversation:

R: What do you want your wife to be like, Tucker?

T: Just like you, Mommy.

L: No, what do you want her to be like, Tucker?  What characteristics?

T: Blonde hair, and smooth skin

L: No, like her personality!  Do you want her to be kind or adventurous or what?

T: Oh yes.  I want her to be adventurous and play with the kids all the time, a little strict, and kind

D: What do you mean, a little strict?  What does strict mean?

T: I mean, if they do something really bad, she needs to be strict on them, and get on to them.

R: Well, sure, you want her to make sure they follow the rules and make wise choices.

D: Well, what if she’s strict on you?  

T:  She won’t be.

D: How do you know?

T: I won’t let her.

D: But what if she is anyway?

T: Well, then I will just be strict on her!

D: OK!  Have I ever been strict on mommy?

T: Oh yes!  Sometimes when you argue you’re strict on her.

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  1. I love it when you get insight into what they think of you as a parent like that!