Saturday, September 10, 2016

Happy 7th Birthday, Tucker!

7 is such a big age!  
To me, it's undoubtedly the transition from little boy to big boy,
and we enjoyed celebrating this milestone with our boy all weekend!

We started the festivities with a special snack at school.
By his request, we had filled Krispy Kreme donuts and Capri Suns:

We snuck big sis out of class to join in on the fun.
One of the joys of having the children at a small private school is the family atmosphere.  :)

Tucker with his beloved teacher, Mrs. Walsingham.
We are very thankful for her, and Tucker clearly adores her.
She insists on the highest standard of character and conduct,
all the while looking for the best in him.
We are all very thankful for her!

Birthday snack time with his first grade buddies!

These 3 are best of friends -
I hope they always will be!
(They're awfully cute, too.)

 Birthday mornings call for streamers covering your doorway

and waking up to a roomful of balloons!

All my little boy has been talking about are Pokemon figures he found at Books a Million one day.  This mama went and bought him every one they had - you can only imagine the joy!

Chocolate cake for birthday breakfast,
in layers just like he dreamed of.

This is our precious family friend Elaine,
who stopped by with birthday cards and gifts and balloons.
What a treasure she is!

After enjoying a big piece of chocolate cake for breakfast,

he wanted to set some things on fire:
 so why not?!

Then we headed to the beach for his "party" at the Holiday Inn Resort.
This is the second time he's asked to celebrate his birthday here,
and they always make it so special.
They had the balloons in the room, a platter of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, and the manager gave him a shirt when we arrived.

They upgraded our room a bit, too.  :)

He was so excited!

 We loved our beautiful view!

We spent the weekend swimming and playing with pirates and beach walking and shell collecting and eating ice cream and sword fighting and laughing and being together.  
It was the most wonderful time, and we all left with full hearts.

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