Friday, August 19, 2016

Round here

School is back in session, and the kids are finishing up their first week today!

Here is what we've been up to the last week of summer and beyond:

Tucker went to Summer Spectacular, an incredible day camp our children's ministry puts on each summer. I got this text at the end of the week, and it made me so proud:

He made up this song last week.  I love this kid!

Lana decided she wants to start cooking one a meal a week.
She made crepes for us one Saturday morning, and they were good!

Pepper is doing just fine.  Her vision isn't back, but it doesn't seem to be worsening.  She's getting around fine, and still loves to snuggle and love on us as much as ever.  We're obsessed with her.

She cracks us up making little "nests" for herself all over the house.

Popsicles before bedtime....a sure sign Daddy is in charge!

The very last week of their summer, the kids went to a sports day camp at PCC. 
(Dan & I both had to work full-time that week.)
It was really well done, and the kids had a great time! 
Lana was chosen as Camper of the Week for her group - 
I love how she lets her light shine wherever she goes!
They learned this song during the week:

Dan was tucking Lana in one night, and I came in to find this:

The older they get, the more they love to read, and because they both are a bit introverted like I am, they use reading as a way to wind down & recharge.  I love coming in to a room and finding them like this:

Because the beginning of school can make everyone a little cranky.
Maybe we all need a chill pill?

Dan helped me get these shelves hung to reorganize my oils.  
I LOVE having them all easily accessible!

A few glimpses into their first week of school:

Tucker bragging on his sister while waiting to go to his class one morning:

Lana's class celebrating their teacher's birthday:

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  1. LOVE seeing what you guys have been up to! Such sweet kiddos!